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Psychological Support

Psychologists and psychotherapists working in our Center provide free of charge and confidential:

  • Individual consultations to victims of domestic violence, gender-based violence, human trafficking or crimes. 

  • Offers a psychotherapy group for women victims of domestic violence.

(for possibilities to be included in the group - ask: psychotherapist Dalia Puidokienė,, phone: +370 607 81688).

The center provides support during weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pre-registration required!

Psychologists are psychotherapists

Reda Zakšauskienė


Dr. Dalia Puidokiene

Existential psychotherapist, counsels individually, couples, and leads a psychotherapeutic women's group. Provides support to victims of human trafficking or violence.

Contact number: 


E. mail:

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Jūratė Mažonaitė - Pocienė

Psychologist, group psychotherapist. He consults privately and leads groups.

Provides assistance to victims of violence or human trafficking.

Contact number:


E. mail:


Reda Zakšauskienė

Medical psychologist, candidate for psychotherapists - analysts. Counsels privately for teenagers and adults and victims of violence or human trafficking.

Contact number:+37066436657

E. mail:

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