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Assistance to victims of crime

Klaipėda Social and Psychological Assistance Center (hereinafter - KSPPC) has been providing accredited assistance to victims of crime since 1 September 2021:

•    natural persons who have suffered physical, pecuniary and / or non-pecuniary damage directly as a result of a criminal offense.
•     family members, relatives, relatives who have suffered physical, property or property damage as a result of the death of a natural person.


KSPPC organizes and provides assistance in the Republic of Lithuania in case of individual needs of the victim due to the committed criminal offense. A person can be referred for help by:

  • Pre-trial investigation body (police);

  •   Prosecutor's Office (Prosecutor);

  •  the court (judge);

  •  general help center;

  •  municipal administration;

  •  health or education care institutions;

  •  social services institutions;

  •  children's rights and adoption service;

  •  person with the consent of the victim;

  •  contact the victim himself.

Smilčių st. 5, Klaipeda
Tel. no. +370 655 21030 
El. Email: 


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