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Center for Specialized Complex Support


VšĮ Klaipėda Social and Psychological Support Centre, implementing Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Protection from Domestic Violence ( May 26, 2011 No. XI-1425), operates as Center for Specialized Complex Support and serves the residents of Klaipėda city, Palanga and Neringa who face domestic violence. 
As specified in the Law on Protection from Violence of the Republic of Lithuania,Center for Specialized Complex Support (SKPC) is an institution performing public functions, providing specialised complex assistance to persons who have experienced violence in the intimate environment.

Support provided by SKPC:

  • Psychological help in overcoming a critical situation of domestic violence.

  • Counseling on the social and psychological effects of violence.

  • Help with referrals to qualified lawyers - volunteers for primary legal aid.

  • Mediation when addressing state institutions and other organizations.

Assistance to victims of violence is carried out in the following ways:

I. The employees of our Center receive reports from the police about persons affected by domestic violence, whom they contact by offering them the free services of a psychologist, social worker or lawyer.

II. Victims of domestic violence contact the staff of our Center about the services provided.

Each applicant can expect: 

  • Clarification of the procedure for the provision of services.

  • Free live consultations with a selected specialist.

The consultations we provide are confidential, which means that the information obtained during the consultations cannot be disclosed or transferred to third parties in any form (written or verbal). 

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