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Our team

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Our organization employs specialists from various fields who have joined the center's activities through volunteering, job searches or other means. We value the contribution of each of our employees to what we do, and we believe that each person makes a difference.


Klaipėdos socialinės ir psichologinės pagalbos centro įkūrėja, direktorė 

bei psichoterapeutė


Reda Zakšauskienė

Medicinos psichologė, 

psichoterapeutė - analitikė,

Pagalbos moterims linijos Klaipėdoje el. laiškų koordinatorė

1 (29)_edited.jpg

Emilija Kazancevė



Eglė Puidokaitė

Komunikacijos ir advokacijos specialistė


Daiva Valienė

Pagalbos moterims linijos Klaipėdoje chat'ų koordinatorė

Untitled design (28)_edited.png

Vaida Sakalauskienė

Psichologė, šeimų ir porų psichoterapeutė

Untitled design (22)_edited.png

Jūratė Mažonaitė - Pocienė

Psichologė, grupių psichoterapeutė


Agnė Jurevičiūtė



Jurgita Gaputienė



Gintarė Diminskienė

Pagalbos moterims linijos Klaipėdoje vadovė


Our Interns

The involvement of young people in the activities we carry out is important to us and we are always happy to join the team or volunteer activities of students and other individuals who care about human rights, gender equality and who are not indifferent to the problems of violence and sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Thanks to these people, a more aware community and a group of in-depth and knowledgeable young future specialists are growing. In our many years of experience, we have had interns from different cities, countries and fields of study or specializations. Mostly psychology, social work, and communication students do internships with us.

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