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Klaipėda Social and Psychological Support Centre (hereinafter - the Centre) considers children and young people as an important part of the organisation's beneficiaries and wants them to grow, mature and/or face challenges in a healthy and safe environment.


The name of the Centre's staff member responsible for the protection of children and young people is set out in an order approved by the Director of the Centre, dated 31.12.2021, and it is the responsibility of the Director of the Centre to maintain this Child Protection Policy.



The aim of the Centre's programmes, which also include children and young people, is to offer children and young people a safe and friendly environment in which to grow and learn, whether this is through the activities of the Centre or through the activities of other independent groups or organisations working in partnership with the Centre.



- To provide children and young people with activities and support to help them develop from childhood to adulthood.

- To enable children and young people to express themselves.

- To help children and young people integrate into the community.

- To help children and young people appreciate the diversity of their culture

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