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What does your support mean to us?

The help we provide often requires financial resources, so every step we take for the benefit of the other person is determined by the financial means available. As a non-governmental and non-profit organization working against trafficking in human beings and domestic abuse, we aim to ensure the well-being of everyone who wish for a safe and fulfilling life.

By supporting us, you are contributing to the fight against exploitation and violence and to building a socially responsible and conscious society.

Thank you !

Our partners and sponsors

1.2% support

Give you 1.2 % income tax. to support the activities of the center. Only applicable for tax payers in Lithuania

Klaipeda Social and Psychological Support Center

Institution code number: 142120224

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One - off support

Contribute to our center by providing one-time support by bank transfer.

Bank details: Swedbank, A / S

LT21 7300 0101 5659 3374

Other support

Want to provide support in other ways or have business suggestions and ideas? Contact us

E-mail: kmn@moteriai.lt

Telephone: +370 46 35 00 99

Mobile: +370 607 81688