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Project for the Integration of People Experiencing Social Exclusion into the Labor Market

Klaipėda Social and Psychological Assistance Center (KSPPC) has been implementing the project of integration of persons experiencing social exclusion into the labor market since May 1, 2021 in cooperation with Klaipėda Employment Service, Klaipėda County Chief Police Commissariat and Klaipėda County Probation Service _cc781905-5cde-13694-bb94bb3

The project is funded by:  Klaipėda City Municipality Administration

The aim of the project:

  • To help socially excluded adults who have been trafficked, who have psychotropic substances of various addictions and who are at social risk, including in the context of domestic violence, to integrate into the labor market.

Project objectives:

  • To provide individual consultations for Klaipėda city residents who have been victims of human trafficking, have addictions to various psychotropic substances and are exposed to social risks (including in the case of domestic violence), up to 10 consultations per person.

  • Teikti psichosocialinę pagalbą Klaipėdos miesto gyventojams, nukentėjusiems  nuo prekybos žmonėmis, turintiems priklausomybių   ivairioms  psichotropinėms  medžiagoms and for those at social risk (including domestic violence), up to 10 consultations per person.

  • Provide counseling (up to 5 additional counseling) to employed persons who have experienced social exclusion due to integration into the labor market.

  • Strengthen inter-institutional cooperation with project partners or other institutions / organizations providing assistance to persons experiencing social exclusion.

Project target groups:

  • People experiencing social exclusion

  • Victims of human trafficking

  • Addicted to psychotropic substances

  • Persons at social risk

Contact person:   Project Manager Eglė Puidokaitė,  



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